Cantilever Umbrellas

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Versatile with Various Configurations

Unique Designs

Our cantilevered umbrellas are offset from the umbrella itself (unlike the bases of single pole umbrellas), allowing the canopy to open to the side. This provides more space underneath the umbrella for seating and shade enjoyment. Shelter Outdoor has a variety of cantilever umbrellas that are perfect for outdoor venues – from poolside settings and patios to restaurants and resorts.

Features of Cantilevered Umbrellas

Our line of cantilever umbrellas features an umbrella for every specification. The P-6 Umbrella is available is several sizes, shapes, and configurations, making it our most customizable collection. Our P4 Umbrella is a wall-mounted cantilever umbrella that can swing horizontally, and pivots and tilts up to 10 degrees. If you need even more rotation, our P7 Umbrella rotates up to 300 degrees, and includes the “One Move System”, which allows for opening and closing with minimal effort.

All of Shelter Outdoor’s cantilevered umbrellas are modern, sleek and functional. Not only do they offer superior sun protection, they are the ideal umbrella systems for any outdoor seating environment. Browse our impressive collection of stylish umbrellas, and get yours today!

Cantilever umbrellas perfect for poolside, patio, restaurant, and other outdoor venues