Giant Umbrellas

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The Ultimate Protection in a User-Friendly Design

Giant Umbrellas for Commercial and Residential Use

If you’re looking for a giant umbrella to provide you with the ultimate shade and protection, look no further. At Shelter Outdoor, we offer premium giant umbrellas measuring 13′ by 13′. These high-end commercial and residential umbrellas are water-repellant and made from 100% powder-coated aluminum. Whether you’re looking for a giant patio umbrella, giant pool umbrella, or a giant outdoor umbrella for another shading need, we’ve got you covered.

Giant Umbrella Features

When it comes to maximizing shade, our state-of-the art P8 umbrella is the solution you need.

  • Jumbo 13′ by 13′ canopy – Accommodates several guests
  • 100% powder-coated aluminum frame with textured finish – The weatherproof frame provides maximum durability and scratch resistance
  • 100% solution-dyed Dickson Acrylic canopy – Resistant to water, fading, mold, and stains.
  • Several base options, including 70′ by 70′ floor plate and ground anchor system — Gives you the flexibility you need in placement
  • Easy to set up and move – Besides being lightweight and single-pole, the P8 umbrella features a unique assisted-gliding mechanism that allows tables and chairs to stay in place while opening and closing
  • UV protection – UPF 50+ filters 100% of UV rays
  • Several color options – Black Widow, Taupe, and White Sand
  • Optional LED lighting – Dimmable white LED lights allow for outdoor enjoyment even after it gets dark
  • Optional protective cover – Protects the pole and umbrella in all-weather fabric
  • Optional rain gutters – Allows several umbrellas to easily connect, providing uninterrupted sun and rain protection between umbrellas
  • Low maintenance – For the most part, our giant outdoor umbrella does not require maintenance. Stains can be removed with a solution of warm water and mild detergent.

Where to Use Your Giant Outdoor Umbrella

Patio or Deck Umbrella

For businesses with outdoor spaces — such as cafes, restaurants, or hotels — our giant outdoor umbrella is a game-changer. When used as a giant patio umbrella, the P8 not only provides your guests with ample shade and UV protection, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your establishment. This is particularly important in areas where outdoor dining or relaxation is a key part of the experience. Furthermore, the 13′ by 13′ canopy can accommodate several tables, creating a cooling oasis that encourages customers to stay longer and enjoy their time. Combined with an easy-to-use open/close mechanism, you can quickly and easily add value for your customers and business.

A giant outdoor umbrella can also be a versatile addition to a residential deck. It provides ample shade, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun’s rays are at their hottest. Whether you’re planning a barbecue with friends, an al fresco luncheon with family, or a relaxing afternoon with your favorite book, our giant deck umbrella enhances the usability of your outdoor living area.

Wherever you use the P8 umbrella, the optional LED lighting takes the ambience to the next level. Create a cozy and inviting environment that extends your enjoyment of the outdoors well into the evening.

Pool Umbrella

When used as a giant pool umbrella, the P8 allows your guests to truly enjoy both the pool and surrounding space, regardless of the time or weather. This product is a great investment, regardless of whether you use it for a resort pool, water park, beach club, or residential pool. It offers a stylish and practical way to enjoy the pool area regardless of the heat of the day. The umbrella’s large canopy ensures ample shade coverage, enabling your guests to lounge by the pool or keep an eye on children without worrying about the harmful UV rays. The resilient powder-coated aluminum frame guarantees durability, even in the face of splashing water and harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, the optional LED lighting can create a serene, inviting ambiance for evening pool parties or late-night swims.

In hotels and other commercial settings, this giant pool umbrella can add a unique selling point to your venue. Not only does it enhance the overall aesthetic of your property, but it also increases both guest satisfaction and dwell time — ultimately driving success.

Beach Umbrella

In a beach setting, our giant outdoor umbrella becomes an unmissable landmark that draws in guests. Beach bars, seaside resorts, and rental cabanas can all benefit from the P8 giant beach umbrella. When placed on the shore, guests can enjoy the sand and surf without worrying about sunburn or heatstroke.

With its large canopy, the umbrella easily protects guests from the harsh midday sun while creating a cool, inviting relaxation zone. The sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frame is resistant to both saltwater corrosion and the rigors of the wind, ensuring a lasting place of refuge from the sun. In addition, optional LED lighting can transform the beachfront into a vibrant nighttime venue, providing a unique experience and extending your business hours.

Easy to set up and relocate, this giant beach umbrella allows you to adapt to shifting sun patterns or layout changes swiftly.

We Have a Solution to Fit Your Budget

Are you a designer or landscape architect looking for a large outdoor umbrella for a commercial property? Our team will work with you to match your budget and space requirements, recommending the perfect solution to meet your needs. As an added benefit, our giant P8 umbrellas are available with rain gutters — so several umbrellas can easily be connected into one unit for continuous protection from the elements.

If you find that you need a smaller outdoor umbrella, we have a large assortment of products to choose from: Our selection of cantilever umbrellas includes P4 round umbrellas, P6 Round and Square Uno umbrellas (also available in multiple canopy configurations), and P7 round umbrellas with 8′ – 11.5′ canopies. Our mobile/tiltable Parashade cantilever umbrellas are available in 7.2′ and 10′ canopies. In addition, our P2 and Voilá single pole umbrellas measure as small as 6.6′ and go up to 10′ in diameter.

Order a Giant Umbrella for Your Property

At Shelter Outdoor, we understand that every outdoor space is unique. Whether you need a giant commercial umbrella for your outdoor seating area or a giant patio umbrella for your backyard, we’ve got you covered with our P8 umbrella.

Contact us today to take the first step toward increasing the value and guest satisfaction of your commercial or residential space.