Single Pole Umbrellas

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Easy to Use

Our line of single pole umbrellas provide shade and add an air of elegance and to any outdoor setting. With several options that vary in size, color and materials, our single pole umbrellas are perfect for patios, poolside venues, restaurants and bistros. Shelter Outdoor’s line of single pole umbrellas include the functional P-50, the uniquely shaped Voilá and the eye-catching Réve. All are ideal solutions for functional, beautiful and comfortable outdoor areas.

Shelter Outdoor’s P-50 Umbrella is a single pole umbrella with a beautiful, modern design. Lightweight and easy to use, the P-50 is made from anodized aluminum and comes with two base options. The Voilá Umbrella is the perfect fusion of wind resistance, functionality and design. Optional sizes and bases are available. The Réve Umbrella is circular in shape and provides a flat canopy when fully deployed. It utilizes a unique “reverse” method of opening and closing.

All of our single pole umbrellas are easy-to-open, offer exceptional sun protection and will make a unique enhancement to any outdoor environment.