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Outdoor Shelters
with Louvered Roofs

Custom architectural extruded aluminum all-weather sunshades are designed and fabricated to fit your patio, poolside or outdoor dining area. This unique concept in architectural solar control is the perfect solution for your outdoor space providing protection from sun, wind and rain. Simply provide architectural drawings of your space and our designers will configure a shelter that perfectly fits that space and your needs.

Our shelters feature a louvered roof that is functional, stylish and versatile. The aluminum louvers are fully motorized and rotate to regulate incoming sunlight with an easy-to-use remote control unit. An optional rain or snow sensor will automatically operate the louvers in case of inclement weather. When closed, the louvers offer protection from rain. Integrated channels on the louvers allow accumulated rainwater to flow into built-in gutters that empty into the vertical posts.

Optional dimmable LED lighting in the louvers, spot lights or indirect lighting mounted to the gutters, create the perfect ambiance. The louvered roof, optional lighting, heaters and side screens combine to create the ultimate relaxing environment.

Shelter Outdoor’s functional pergolas provide the perfect aesthetic to any environment. Their modern, sleek appearance is complementary to all styles of furniture and structures.

Architectural Modular Series
2000 Series

Architectural Modular Series
1500 Series