Eclectic and Beautiful: The Perfect Weatherproof Outdoor Lounge

Eclectic and Beautiful: The Perfect Weatherproof Outdoor Lounge

Are you looking to create a comfortable and durable space to accommodate your guests year-round? Whether you’re seeking an outdoor shelter solution for your commercial establishment or your back yard, a custom weatherproof outdoor lounge can be your ticket to effortless outdoor entertaining. Even if you’re just looking to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor lounge area and create a visually pleasing, well-organized space, a custom weatherproof pergola is a fantastic choice.

Pergolas create defined outdoor zones that can be used for various purposes. You can use them to create and define an outdoor kitchen or dining area, a cozy weatherproof outdoor lounge, or even a tranquil garden retreat. These targeted spaces make your outdoor area feel more organized and inviting while increasing usable outdoor living space. And since weatherproof pergolas are designed to be used year-round, users will appreciate the ready availability of a versatile outdoor lounge area they can enjoy in all seasons.

Eclectic: The Pinnacle of Pergola Design & Functionality

The Eclectic pergola has been designed to provide superior comfort and enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor space, increasing guest satisfaction while ensuring a versatile, stylish, weatherproof lounge venue for hosting events.

Customization options for our Eclectic weatherproof outdoor pergolas mean you have the freedom to tailor the design to your specific needs and tastes. You can utilize the Eclectic as a beautifully sheltered outdoor lounge area for entertaining, re-task it to act as a carport, gym, or vehicle storage area, or simply use it as a shaded outdoor living or storage space.

The minimalistic open design of the Eclectic pergola allows near-total immersion in the outdoor environment with virtually unobstructed views. A variety of enhancements are available for customizing your pergola:

  • Full-glass enclosure
  • Screens for shade and privacy
  • Sliding glass panels
  • Manual or motorized screens
  • LED lighting available in white and RGB
  • Standard roof panels
  • Upgrade to sound-absorbing panels
  • Fully open cabana style
  • False roofing sheet

The Eclectic pergola seamlessly integrates with your existing outdoor elements, providing shade for your patio or shelter adjacent to your pool area. It can also serve as a gateway between different parts of your yard. This flexibility of purpose and cohesiveness in design can seriously elevate the overall visual appeal and usefulness of your outdoor space.

A Weatherproof Outdoor Lounge

Eclectic Pergola: The Ideal Weatherproof Pergola

Superior to Other Models

First impressions matter, and a well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing pergola can significantly boost an area’s visual appeal. We take great pride in our Eclectic pergola and our customers regularly express their preference for our product over competing brands and models. The adaptability and versatility of the Eclectic is what makes it unique.

In a commercial setting, this pergola can be added to restaurants, hotels, multi family amenities, or roof decks. Many businesses add our pergolas to their landscaping areas — including restaurants with outdoor kitchen areas. Because of the Eclectic pergola’s accommodation of third-party solar panels and its ability to connect to a power supply, it can even be added to an outdoor office area or gym. Besides adding usable space to any business, it can also increase the frequency of currently utilized areas.

In a residential setting, the Eclectic pergola can be used as a cozy reading nook, a shaded dining area, or an outdoor kitchen space. The benefits of choosing our Eclectic pergola include:

  • Sheltered Space: With its weatherproof design, this pergola provides shelter from the rain and sun. This means you can confidently host events without worrying about the weather ruining your plans.
  • Ambiance: Pergolas offer a unique ambiance, especially when adorned with lighting, drapes, screens, or even natural elements like vines and flowers. This ambiance creates an inviting atmosphere for gatherings, making your outdoor space feel like a cozy event venue.
  • Flexible Layout: Pergolas allow for flexible seating arrangements. You can set up tables and chairs for dining, arrange cozy seating for your outdoor patio, or even create a dance floor for special occasions. The possibilities are endless.
  • Privacy: Depending on the design and accessories you choose, a pergola can provide a degree of privacy — making it an ideal space for intimate gatherings or celebrations.

A Wide Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

Customization enables you to tailor the Eclectic smart pergola to meet your specific needs. The Eclectic comes in a varied selection of warm colors, presented in an even matte finish that’s powder-coated with high-resistance epoxy paint powder to ensure unmatched beauty and durability. Available structural accessories include sliding edging profiles with PVC or glass membranes, decorative drapes, and telescopic windshields made of glass screens. The Eclectic can also be installed as a freestanding unit or attached to an existing building, structure, or home. To add to its many features, the pergola is available with built-in rain gutters.

Consider incorporating this fantastic, versatile structure into your outdoor space — whether it’s to enhance aesthetics, increase property value, or create a versatile event or outdoor amenity space. Then, consult Shelter Outdoor to discuss design options and get a quote. Take that first step towards transforming your outdoor area into a more functional, beautiful, and enjoyable space – one that you, your family, and your clients or guests will truly appreciate for years to come. Your dream outdoor oasis is within reach, so let us help you go ahead and make it a reality!

Call (855) 768-4450 or contact our Shelter Outdoor team here. Remember, a custom pergola isn’t just an addition to your commercial property: It’s a useful and lovely investment that will leave a lasting impression — rain or shine.

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