What Is a Cabana and What Is It Used For?

What Is a Cabana and What Is It Used For?

Commercial cabanas are becoming increasingly popular at hospitality establishments like hotels and resorts. The modern pool cabana, in particular, is sought after for its elegant architecture and high-tech features. But what is a cabana and what is it used for? If you are looking for ideas to entertain your guests or just want to learn more about this fascinating structure, read on.

What Do Cabanas Look Like?

Cabanas are open structures that are designed to protect your guests from the sun and other elements while connecting them to nature. They are typically constructed with a roof and four sides to provide maximum shelter. Although the sides are usually left open, they may contain mesh windows or doors to allow natural light and fresh air into the cabana.

At Shelter Outdoor, our modern cabana comes with a manually operated sliding tarp cover and retractable awning – so you can easily control the amount of shade you receive at any time. The structure of the awning can also be extended sideways with additional modules.

Although cabanas come in a range of sizes and shapes, they are typically square and measure 10 to 12 feet in length and width. Because we design our cabanas with a modular configuration, you can customize the size to fit the dimensions of your property.

To add character to your space, we also offer a variety of roof materials and colors.

What Are Some of the Features of Modern Pool Cabanas?

If you’re looking for modern pool cabana ideas, consider an option that you can accessorize with sliding profiles and lights. In addition to retractable awnings and sliding tarp covers, our cabanas are available with sliding edge profiles with PVC or glass membranes. Telescopic glass windshields can also be added for insulation and protection from the elements.

When entertaining at night, LED lighting can add a touch of elegance to your cabana and create a safe environment for your guests. Curtains can also be added for both fashion and function. At Shelter Outdoor, we offer decorative heavy-duty drapes that enhance the visual appeal of your cabana when opened and help to provide extra shade when closed.

What Is a Cabana Used For?

Cabanas are designed for relaxing, dining, and entertaining. They are most often used in commercial establishments like hotels, resorts, public pools, restaurants, golf courses, and parks. Cabanas can also be used on residential properties in the backyard or pool area.

One of the benefits of having a cabana in your outdoor space is the ability to furnish it with stylish and functional furniture and accessories.

If your cabana will be used as a lounging area, you can create a cozy atmosphere with comfortable seating like lounge chairs, sofas, and daybeds. Decorative pillows, blankets, and string lights add to the cozy ambience and will make your cabana feel more like home. To give your space a touch of nature, you can add some potted plants. Finally, to keep guests entertained, you can opt to include items like coolers, televisions, sound systems, board games, and books.

For a modern pool cabana, outdoor patio umbrellas and reclining chaise lounge chairs are both great ideas. Tables, sideboards, and stools can also be used and are perfect for setting up a bar inside.

If you want something more luxurious, you can even place a jacuzzi or hot tub in your cabana. This is an ideal way to relax while creating an intimate atmosphere with friends and family.

With careful consideration of style and function, you can easily turn any commercial cabana into a space that accommodates both relaxation and entertainment.

Are Cabanas Durable?

Most cabanas are highly durable and can last for many years. Cabanas are typically made of metal but are also often constructed from wood or composite plastics. Traditional cabanas feature canvas roofs.

Shelter Outdoor’s modern cabanas are manufactured with sturdy aluminum profiles, reinforced corners, and galvanized polyester powder-coated steel components for maximum weather resistance. These high-grade commercial cabanas are designed to resist rusting, fading, and other wear and tear from exposure to the sun, rain, wind, and other elements. Because of their superior durability, they are virtually maintenance-free.

How Do You Install a Cabana?

Installing a cabana can be as basic as fitting canvas or vinyl over a wooden frame. Many companies sell kits that come in fixed sizes and include wall and roof panels, floors, windows, and assembly hardware. For a higher quality and more permanent solution, invest in a prefab cabana like the one from Shelter Outdoor.

We offer both free-standing and wall-mounted cabanas to suit your personal style and setting. Free-standing cabanas are perfect for large outdoor spaces and are often used near hotel and resort pools or in parks. Wall-mounted cabanas are attached to a wall or fence using mounting brackets. These structures are great for resorts, hotels, and smaller commercial properties since they expand the existing pool or recreation area without taking up too much real estate.

We also offer a variety of ground anchoring systems, including external, internal, and sand footing.

Where Can You Buy a Commercial Cabana?

Shelter Outdoor’s contract-grade cabana is the perfect choice for any commercial or residential property. Our exquisite modern pool cabana features a modular design to fit your space and is built with high-quality materials for lasting performance.

Whether you’re looking to entertain or relax, our cabanas will create an inviting space that will be enjoyed by everyone who visits.

If you need more information or assistance in ordering a cabana for your outdoor space, feel free to call us at (855) 768-4450 or contact us here.

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